pret – a – porter
spring – summer 2001

An imaginative and colourful image, with eclectic decorations embellish a basic allure made of simplicity and feminine charm marks this collection style.

Luminous printed chiffon tops and dresses that flowed over candy coloured party wear. Sensual layers were added to the underwear until the collection culminated into glamorous, sexy evening wear. Detail was evident in this delicate and overtly feminine collection, which was designed “to get away from it all”.

A joyful feel characterizes this collection dedicated to a young vivacious woman always on the look out for what’s new. Various sources blend harmoniously to interpret a spirit free from rules.

The lines are easy to wear but the patterns unleash a fireworks, display of red, purple, blue, yellow, link seasonal with white and black.

A disco style that is in truth rather restrained and therefore absolutely wearable.

This is jaunty, young and impertinent look leased on a style rich in colours and full of multicoloured designs all over the other outfits manipulate a meeting of genres sporty/evening with special attention paid to fabric often creating a complex spider’s web of macrame. Graphic fruits and flowers patterns here harmonies with luxurious lace and sequins for the evening.