pret – a – porter
spring – summer 2007

Anna Osmushkina presents a romantic and charming girly look in spring – summer pret – a – porter collection “Dolls”. Chick, naive, cute and easy to wear casual looks along with elegant dresses is the main characteristics of collection “Dolls”.

Collection “Dolls” is made of specially selected natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, linen which will make you feel beautiful and comfortable walking on a sunny day. Color scale of fabrics is mostly neutral and light which represents the warm sunny day, sometimes bright and tacky to represent the colors of nature and the special silky flower patterns will make you feel absolutely happy and extraordinary. Special details and various touches such as knots, folds, hooks, buttons, outside pockets and fabric combinations creates totally feminine and at the same time provocative unique and beautiful looks. Charming scarves, shawls and caps gives a special touch to collection “Dolls” by masterful hand of Anna Osmushkina.

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