Anna Osmushkina Fashion House

Fashion House


ANNA OSMUSHKINA managed to gain the highest level of skillfulness and professionalism during 20 years work in Fashion as designer. Due to her individuality and talent, Anna deserved the authority even working with very capricious and presumptuous customers.

Today the clients of ANNA OSMUSHKINA are persons who have a subtle taste and are able to appreciate a refined style of clothes and tailoring: members of government, presidents of banks, owners of large companies, wives of businessmen, business ladies, representatives of artistic professions.

Each new ANNA OSMUSHKINA collection of clothes always gets the highest appraisal of the press, TV and customers. ANNA OSMUSHKINA is recognized as couturier of international level, able to create not only new styles and design, but offering new trends in FASHION INDUSTRY.

ANNA OSMUSHKINA FASHION HOUSE creates inimitable exclusive designs both in classic and cutting-edge style; her quirky haute couture apparel is made of luxurious fabric of French Dormeuil, Elegance, Sophic Hallette, Solstiss, Coriex, Cadena, Cuccirelli, Canepa.


Anna Osmushkina creates unique models of Haute Couture dresses individually for every respectable client of her Fashion House. All dresses are made by a team of dressmakers and tailors of the highest professional level, directed by Anna.

The dresses are designed to raise the woman on a royal pedestal, accenting her individuality. Anna’s apparel enables one to feel beautiful and free. ANNA OSMUSHKINA FASHION HOUSE produces models of dresses using cloth as well as high quality fur and leather. ANNA OSMUSHKINA FASHION HOUSE produces models of dresses using cloth of the latest collections of the best European fabric producers, fabric quality is always tested during production of sample articles.

The world of ANNA OSMUSHKINA FASHION HOUSE – is very elegant and exquisite, but accessible to many persons, due to the lines producing prêt – a – porter wear. She presents a woman as active but at the same time feminine, Anna creates the highest quality apparel suitable for any circumstance or society level using different shades of coloures as well as technological peculiarities of the cloth.