Haute Couture
spring – summer 2003

The new idea of introducing elements of the wild virgin nature of Amazons into exquisite garments of HAUTE COUTURE add special spice and extravagancy to classic dresses, introducing elements of natural charm and special refinement.

Due to the original weave technology, the French fabrics of natural cotton and linen mixed with silk and organza add an outward effect of noble refinement to the fabrics. Wrinkled batiste, taffeta and organza are added with coarse natural leather and velour. The color gamut of the fabrics is natural, as if slightly blurred with torrential rains of a jungle and scorched with the bright and burning sun with the addition of bright shades of the young foliage and gleams of the sunset.

The uniqueness and completeness of the collection are provided with handmade accessories – the basic accent in the Fashion of the future:

1. Wicker sandals of natural leather;

2. Straw hats decorated with natural stones, amber, wood, grass, straw and feathers;

3. Copper buckles and emblems with the designer’s logo in the shape of the sun on the hats and belts.

Most of the models of tops, dresses, bodice, shawls and mantles are handmade. The seams are made with a coarse handmade stitch and there is the handmade embroidery on the silk fabrics.

The motto of Anna Osmushkina “The woman dominates the world” is the forced aggressiveness in order to survive in the conditions of “modern” jungles and still the Anna’s woman remains soft, feminine and graceful.

The collection lacks the boring mannerism and pomposity. The accent is placed on the woman’s natural beauty, half-naked nature and maximum comfort – eternal approaches of seduction.

A semi-fitting silhouette, soft lines of the flowing semitransparent fabrics do not constrain movements, do not make themselves felt by the body but underline the beauty of the woman’s body, which takes our breath away.

The collection “Jungle” replaces the passed aggressive “safari”. The woman is a forced Amazon, not subjugated but desired in her primary beauty – as a part of the wild world, the attitude that agitates the inmost thoughts and concealed desires.