pret – a – porter
spring – summer 2014

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. This phrase by the great William Shakespeare became common so long ago that no one contests it. It is much like an axiomatic statement. Hence, it is accepted in good faith and taken for granted.

However, there are still people in doubt. Anna Osmushkina who cannot and does not want to look at life from the common point of view decided to contradict the great poet, and not to challenge, but to supplement his opinion by hers. She believes that our life is rather hunting than a play. And she gives a range of proofs which are hard not to accept.

Every day we all, irrespective of the age, status and financial situation, get dressed according to our age, status and financial situation and go hunting. Some people go to work to “catch” additional profit there, others go to the beach where they disclose their tempting charms to prying eyes to hunt their soul mate. Some people go to school to search knowledge, the others spend time in the kitchen cooking a delicious surprise for their loves ones to see admiration in their eyes. This is also hunting.

When we stroll with a camera in our hands, climb the mountains or dive in the sea, go to a night club or to a lecture, we all chase emotions. Everyone chases their own emotions. The final goal sometimes is not important, as the process is much more exciting. The process of hunting give much more pleasure. Of course, if you are prepared for this process. It also refers to the outfit, clothes which must be suitable for every situation in life.

This is the hunting Anna Osmushkina dedicated her collection to.