Haute Couture
spring – summer 2006

Far and inconceivable, at all times incomprehensible, sometimes light, but always equally unrepeatable – Heaven transferred into Anna Osmushkina collection, capture spirit and shake by elegance of weightlessness of fabrics and soft scale of shades of the heavenly nature.

French fabrics of natural silk, taffeta and terry threads, woven by hand, thanks to an original technology of weaving, give for fabrics an outer effect of noble subtleness. Natural furs, lynx, ostrich feathers and trimming with precious stones of Svarovsky and Kornelius fill up models by bringing therein elements of natural charm and exceptional smartness.

Color scale of fabrics is natural and ingenuous, lightly warmed up by the morning sun, filled up by light of fresh clouds and shades of rainbow after rain. Golden, bronze, tender-rosy, sky-blue, white colors are present in Anna Osmushkina collection Heaven season spring-summer 2006.

Accessories of the handwork give uniqueness and completeness of the collection. A part of models of tops, dress, bodice, shawls, and capes are woven by hand. Contrary to all realties of the contemporary world the woman of Anna Osmushkina remains gentle, graceful and feminine.