pret – a – porter
spring – summer 2001

Collection Flax is made of pure linen. Linen – the star of the next summer season is the most creative in combinations. It reflects the harmony of colours on relation to each other, white, beige, gray, sand.

Rustic fabrics with an artisan appearance combine with fragile, light weight and almost invisible knitted transparent cloth, mixtures that produce sensation to the touch, crispy, with nerve foamy, extra soft.

The most noble fibers, like wild silk and linen give shape to garments with a comfortable and natural look.

Flax with the allure of trousers that neither arouse fear nor claim to be emblem of aggressiveness or psychological confidence, but instead offer renewal: triumphant representation of contemporary feminity, the realization of desire to be in tune with the beauty of one’s character.

Flax is created equally suitable for town or sport wear with a feminine silhouette, with a series of distinctive details such as slits, outside pockets, embroideries, piercing, transparent prints, concealed fastness, buttons, strings and fringes to confer a fresh and distinguished look to minimalist clothing. It reflects the harmony of neutral tones – pure white, beige, gray, sand.