pret – a – porter
spring – summer 2006

Creating a relaxed look for today’s modern woman is now easier than ever with Fabrika. Anna Osmushkina’s collection of easy-to-wear, related separates are available in classic and spirit free styles, a variety of colours, and figure-flattering silhouettes so you will always look polished and on trend. And, since each design in the Anna Osmushkina line is made of soft linen, cotton and knits you’ll feel chic and comfortable all day long.

Collection Fabrika is made of soft linen. Linen – the star of the next summer season is the most creative in combinations. It reflects the harmony of colours on relation to each other, white, orange, blue, green, yellow.

Rustic fabrics with an artisan appearance combine with fragile, light weight and almost invisible knitted transparent cloth, mixtures that produce sensation to the touch, crispy, with nerve foamy, extra soft.

The noblest fibers, like wild silk and linen give shape to garments with a comfortable and natural look.

Thus volumes become nearly geometrical and emphasized by crisp cuts. Decorations are gone, buttons, hooks, disappear, ably hidden under flaps of rigorous urban – inspired dresses, enriched by a new idea of functionality, but without giving up that romantic touch which gives that right dose of ingenuity and naughtiness, to sweeten up the most strict pieces.

Details and various useful touches, such as multi – purpose pockets, five fingers’ socks, slippers decorated by flowers and multicoloured knitted, zips and velcro closures, stand out for a highly accessorized FASHION, that is both functional and pleasing.

Alternating proportions are the leitmotif of this totally feminine collection with seductive and provocative offers that look for the future.

A joyful feel characterizes this collection dedicated to a young vivacious woman always on the look out for what’s new. Various sources blend harmoniously to interpret a spirit free from rules.

A city chic style that is in truth rather restrained and therefore absolutely wearable. This is jaunty, young and impertinent look leased on a style rich in colours and full of multicoloured designs all over the other outfits manipulate a meeting of genres evening with special attention paid to fabric often.

The lines are easy to wear but the patterns unleash a fireworks, display of blue, yellow, orange, green link seasonal with white.

Tradition and modernity delineate a classic elegance reworked with an avant – garde eye, so that interplay of details becomes fundamental.

Fabrika is created equally suitable for town, leisure and the party with a feminine silhouette, with a series of distinctive details such as slits, outside pockets, piercing, multicolored prints, concealed fastness, buttons, strings and fringes to confer a fresh and distinguished look to minimalist clothing. It reflects the harmony of neutral tones – pure white, beige, gray, sand.

In Fabrika Anna Osmushkina announce tomorrow’s look, designs of the near future, without, however, losing sight of the strength of tradition.