pret – a – porter
spring – summer 2002

Freedom is the key to this unconventional femininity, unconventional use of traditional details and cut – patterns, including cuts and slits along decorative stitching seams layered skirts in check pattern with tone to tone leather belts.

Some blue and combination of blue and red flower patterns on white background, red and blue stripes remind the style of 70s. Her tastes range from daily city wear with blue Jeans style jackets and skirts, created to wear upside down, to the silhouettes, getting more voluminous and comfortable.

Neutral colours: one tone, white, blue, grey, ivory, flower patterns interplay with blue, reddish and white tones. Red and blue stripes and checks harmoniously contrast with one coloured fabric.

Enveloping apron with an outlet pocket delineate the look of a functional and stylish fashion detail.

High exquisite materials and structures, the volumes are played against a vertical silhouette, creating fluid fullness and seemingly casual layers that are actually highly complex. This is a totally comfy sophistication thanks to cozy but seductive proportions that softy caress the figure.