Charms of Seduction

Charms of Seduction
Haute Couture
spring – summer 2002

Long dresses in slender and flounce versions, demonstrate a love of true Couture with this collection. Impeccable sartorial creations trace stately, solemn silhouettes that are both essential and luxurious. Sand, aquamarine, antique rose, mauve, silvery grey, black and red lend colour to transparent layering, embroidery with macrame lace. Hand-painted flowers surrounded by gentle small feathers lend a touch of sheer sophistication and charm of a Paris society lady of the 60-s.

The styling of the suits and dresses fitted at the waist, with jutting shoulders. Strait skirts, that rarely reach the knee, call for a show, slinky gait. Seductive halter-top necklines confer an impeccably, sophisticated allure to the day and cocktail dresses.

The evening is given over to sculptural sheaths distinguished by spiral cuts. Black and red provocative designs announce nevertheless the suave understatement of good breeding as interpreted by a top designer.

Seduction is a completely natural way, without “doing anything special”.

ANNA OSMUSHKINA woman knows how to be intriguing and mysterious in her dress: cool and ethereal, divinely sunfish, but at the same time intelligent, with a surprising sense of humor and able to make herself appreciated.