Anna Osmushkina | Incubator


pret - a - porter

fall - winter 2000/01

Presentation of collection "INCUBATOR" is devoted to the launching of a new pret - a - porter line A3, producing young women's daily wear.

Collection "INCUBATOR" is created with a careful choice of textures, that blends fine fabrics with hi - tech ones for an innovating finishing.

Everything depends on shades of green and beige enhanced by the ingenious shine of white.

Thus volumes become nearly geometrical and emphasized by crisp cuts. Decorations are gone, buttons, hooks, disappear, ably hidden under flaps of rigorous urban - inspired dresses, enriched by a new idea of functionality, but without giving up that romantic touch which gives that right dose of ingenuity and naughtiness, to sweeten up the most strict pieces.

Details and various useful touches, such as multi - purpose pockets, oversize collars and necklines, zips and velcro closures, stand out for a highly accessorized FASHION, that is both functional and pleasing.

Very often dresses and sweaters are multi - functional and loose their sleeves and collars taking on the form of a vest.

Separable sleeves are used instead of long gloves to warm up the arms, accentuating the sport - chic contrast.

Asymmetric geometrics and alternating proportions are the leitmotif of this totally feminine collection with seductive and provocative offers that look for the future.


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