Anna Osmushkina | Coffee


Haute Couture

spring - summer 2004

"COFFEE" - is a combination of soft, comfortable knitwear and aggressive furs, romantic lace and ethereal azure-net. The collection is of fine, subtle manual work.

Soft, smooth lines, covered-up mysteriousness, certain languor, gracefulness and grandeur of classic and ballet do for a long time leave in memory pleasant feelings from touching with mystery of the woman's appeal having been created by ANNA OSMUSHKINA.

Piquancy and charm is given by manual work fascinating head-dresses, small handbags and ballet shoes, what being an integral part of woman's image.

Lovely, nearly cat's step as if reflects the contemporary woman's walk, independence and cunning, being reflected in the "COFFEE" collection by thus filling the collection with mysteriousness.

"COFFEE" - is a subtle aroma of fascination available for an exquisite fine connoisseur of haute arts.


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