Anna Osmushkina | Caramel


Boutique de lux

spring - summer 2008

The collection CARAMEL spring/summer 2008 was suggested to designer Anna Osmushkina by visiting the Luxembourg Garden in Paris. This is the favorite place of recreation of the inhabitants of Paris. It is always full of student youth, pairs of lovers sitting under the plane trees and the Medici fountain, or, strolling about next to the Central pond where they breed carps, - or, in small woods scattered around the vast territory of the park.

That's why there is no trace of floridity and pomposity that people are so sick of. The emphasis is placed on minimum freedom, disengagement, and lightness accompanied with a trifle negligent French charm.

Silken, flax, cotton textiles covered with golden and silver pollen; the textiles of flower and caramel hues, used to create light streaming frocks combined with knit fabric.

These garments don't limit the movement and actually are not perceived. They support natural beauty of woman's body that takes your breath away. Hats, small bags, tops and knitted gowns give some zest to the collection.

The CARAMEL collection creates an effective, sensitive, and stylish woman of our time.


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