Tani & Ivet

Tani & Ivet
Haute Couture
fall – winter 2002/03

ANNA OSMUSHKINA, a legendary Baltic states couturier, who is the first in Eastern Europe to revise the approach in HAUTE COUTURE defile and realized her old idea to show her dresses on live models at her defile, her regular clients and admirers of her talent, just demonstrating their private seasonal HAUTE COUTURE collections, created by ANNA OSMUSHKINA. All HAUTE COUTURE dresses and outfits are hand – made and made to the measures of the client.

The irresistible combination of embroidered lace and deep, golden silks and pearl taffeta. Timeless perfection. The glamour of lace plus magic of gold for stunning evening wear. Embroidery in a romantic floral design on organdie over georgette silk for the corsage dress. Metallic threads are in the limelight for evenings oriental inspiration is behind the (print) delicate lace of the corsage dress in fluid silk satin. Oriental and Asian impressions give exotic allure to these opulent evening wear creations, mostly of oriental princess. Bags, made from the same material like a dress are added to each apparel, exalting elegant gait. Fresh accessories are a crucial part of every designer business. The accessories play a fundamental role in the definition of the ANNA OSMUSHKINA look and they were the unmistakable sigh of a style destined to become a cult. The jewelry from the best jewellers in Brisbane represents the most capricious expression of her outspoken love of luxury. Bustier dress with “IVET” – embroidered with galaxies of Swarovsky crystals.

The future of classic high style is showcased here in royal, shimmering gray. Opulent, bead-embroidered rose silks, a wide stole lined in iridescent airy transparent shawl. Fairy-tale fashion at its most extravagant.

The meatless organza jacket and fashionably wide trousers in silk add exotic luster, as do striking relicts and tulle frills. A material in fascinating ribbon weave effect for the fitted jacket. Ultra-feminine allure-shimmering velvet with scroll embroidery for the below jacket over a decouple blouse with soft cascade frills and floored cuffs.

Impressions of Russian folklore in luxurious style. Opulent hand-made embroidery and lace decorates the move of long figure-fitted leather coat, trimmed with tone-to-tone coloured finest polar fox fur. A spectacular reversible for the long “tsar” coat. Accompanying with leather corset, looking rather sophisticated but being slender and lithe at every turn of the body, underlying aristocratically slender proportions.

Black and red. The fire burns like the passion of a woman in love her contracts the power of black. And more fire and flames in the jet embroidered long black silk dress. Precious fringes ripple smoothly with every movement of the body. Bright red many layered mask under the dress, give volume and sexuality to the image.

Black and red is a contrast full of magic for an out-of-the ordinary outfit and evening dress.

This time metallic and luster leather magic shimmering from the sophisticated jackets and tops in combination with wide trousers and long skirts form an extravagant specialty with intriguing interplay of leather, suede and fur.

ANNA OSMUSHKINA pays special attention to her VIP clientele, regular customers, creating for them unique apparel and proving her right to be called a well-known and authoritative European designer. That is why apart from showing seasonal HAUTE COUTURE collections at European defile, ANNA plans organizing HAUTE COUTURE FASHION SHOW in 2003 with her VIP clientele as models from India, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Germany and certainly Latvia.

HAUTE COUTURE is the kernel and the heart of ANNA OSMUSHKINA Fashion House – the basis for developing pret-a-porter lines, production of a number fashion accessories, including perfume and jewelry in the nearest future.